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New Single! Lichtig Un Varem – Available Now.

A few months ago my family celebrated a milestone anniversary for our parents. In the spirit of the day, I went to composer Hershy Weinberger with the words that the…

Benny Friedman – Reb Yehoshua Omer – The Music Video

One of the measures of true greatness is a person’s ability to inspire others to reach for THEIR OWN greatness. My uncle Rabbi Joshua Gordon, of blessed memory, was a great…

Kulam Sharim – Benny Friedman ft. the cast of Mitzvah Boulevard

Kulam Sharim – Benny Friedman ft. the cast of Mitzvah Boulevard Video directed by Chaim Hershkowitz Produced by Sruly Meyer Composed by Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry Music by PlayMasters…

The Evolution of Jewish Music – Benny Friedman and Meir Kay

Presenting a brand new video, paying tribute to the history of Jewish Music. Some we grew up with, some our parents told us about, and some that we get our…

Benny Baderech: Chapter One – The Holy Land!

All aboard! Folks, since the day I started traveling for music work and visiting Jewish communities around the world, it’s been my dream to share the wonder of it all…

Live Video of MEHAIRA with the Freilach Band and Meshoreim Choir

Performed live at a recent wedding in Terrace on the Park, enjoy this first live rendition of “Meheira” featuring Benny Friedman and Freilach Band. Released on Benny’s latest album “Fill…

London Concert Announcement!

Hey London!! We are coming for ya – together with 8th Day!! March 1, 2017 or as y’all like to say 1/3/17. Details to follow!

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